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ISLAD Panel Discussion, June 28, 5:00pm-6:00pm pacific time


Generative AI for semiconductor from architecture to fab: A pipedream? Or ready for prime time?


Panelists from the Si2 AI/ML in EDA SIG, representing IDMs, EDA suppliers, and academia, will debate the challenges, promise, and chances for success of generative AI in production semiconductor design. You can use these perspectives as you evaluate gen AI for use in start-ups, production, or research. As a start-up, you could take advantage of the creativity of methods applied to art and language to develop new applications which can’t be done now in the areas of verification and debug. For production you will need to decide whether to start small with optimization of current flows using design advisors and co-pilots or go big with a complex, new platform, and if pre-trained domain specific LLMs take everything into account that is required for an accurate solution. For research, consider if synthesizing applications from specifications and constraints using a generative model gives a reasonable, large, complex design when production data sets are not available. Engage with our panelists as they debate these crucial topics, share their insights, and help you determine if generative AI is a pipedream or ready for prime time. Add your voice to this dynamic discussion!


Industry Panelists

Akhilesh Kumar is a Senior Principal R&D Engineer at Ansys leading the AI/ML and Generative AI initiatives for EDA solutions. Additionally, he is the co-chair of Si2 AI/ML SIG. Dr Kumar received his PhD and MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Canada, and Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, India.


Mike Kazda is a Senior Technical Staff Member and AI Architect for Design Productivity at IBM Infrastructure.   Mike has worked in design automation for over thirty years.

He is an innovator of several construction tools and methodologies used in-house at IBM, which have taped-out IBM’s Z and POWER microprocessors, as well as past ASIC designs.


Srinivas Bodapati is a Principal Engineer at Intel Corporation. Srinivas is chair of the Si2 AI/ML SIG, driving new initiatives for Generative AI in EDA. Srinivas is responsible for pre-silicon parametric yield analysis, anomaly detection and rare event prediction algorithms using advanced statistical and machine learning techniques.


Ivan Kissiov is a principal engineer at Siemens EDA, pioneering the integration of machine learning into EDA tools for over a decade. Ivan is thrilled to be part of the AI-driven EDA renaissance.


Leigh Anne Clevenger is Vice President, Technology, at Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2), a community of suppliers, users, and academics who innovate on trusted standards to add value and share the solutions. Leigh Anne has established and driven efforts to identify and solve industry needs in applying AI/ML to EDA as the facilitator for member-led collaborative projects at Si2. Leigh Anne has published and presented research on data science, and her industry experience includes design tool development and design methodology definition.

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